If you follow some of my ideas to take action, please leave a comment or link after that blog, so that others know that someone has already started!

Colorful Moods Forum

Did you get bored by giving scores or pressing endless likeness on the internet?

Do you feel that your complex moods cannot be expressed simply by a number?

Now we have the ‘colorful moods forum’!

It is a forum of articles with colorful letters and characters!

You can choose a color to express your feeling about some article.

The color of an article is black originally, and will be affected by your feedbacks.

We take the average of all the colors chosen, and make the words into that color!

Finally, you could feel what people feel about the articles, simply by looking at the color of the article!

It is fun to see how your moods will affect the appearance  of the article!


Magic Music Baton

When you were in a music concert, watching the orchestra, and enjoyed the music, do you want to be the music conductor yourself?

Is it a dream? Not really, because we have the ‘magic music baton’!!

It is a baton with sensors embedded. The sensors will detect your rhythm, style of movement to control the recorded music from a real orchestra!

You can make the part of the orchestra that you want, to be stronger or weaker, by certain movements that can be detected.

Even you can design the movement  you want to control various aspects of the music provided in the software.

Now you can imagine how fantastic to conduct a whole orchestra,  just in front of your family members and friends!


Paradise Varying Hotel Room

Nowadays,  hotel rooms can be very comfortable, very beautiful, and very luxurious.

But was there a hotel room that moved you deeply?

Microsoft has a new technology, that enables the same LCD screen to display two pictures simultaneously, and you can see either one from different angels!

Look at the following vedio if you want to understand more about this technology.

dual view LCD screen

I was just not excited from the applications mentioned in the vedio, and came up an idea that moved myself! ^ ^

That is, a paradise varying screen wall, in a hotel room!

We divide the floor in the hotel room into two areas, say, area A and area B.

The dual view screen will be put on the wall, between area A and B.

You can choose a theme you like. For example, desert plants, gardens, sexy people, and so on.

Then the screen will display two pictures simultaneously according to the theme you have chosen.

You can only see one picture in one area, and when you cross the border of area A and B, some detector would notice, and the picture that you cannot see in the other area will be changed!

The amazing part is that, you can never know that the picture in the other area has been changed, and when you come back, a whole new scenery will be present for you!

Plus, whenever a picture is changed, a beautiful backgroud music will be played. Even more, a poem will accompay the new picture!

Now you can imagine the feeling when you walk across various and various pictures, music and poems, in a way which is so quiet that feels like in various paradise!

Multi-function Magic Bag

Love traveling, but get annoyed with so many stuff to carry with?

The umbrella, cup, meal box, bench, stick for climbing, and a huge bag for containing many more stuff…

Let us look at yiwei’s design, a multi-function magic bag!

From this bag, you will have a hand free umbrella, a small vehicle driven by battery or yourself, a seat for rest, an embedded  eat & drink cup, a table, and a bag for containing your stuff!!

What else can you expect from just one bag?

Elephant Two Way Toilet Bowl

In China, most public rest rooms only provide squatting places, not the ‘western toilet bowl’ for sitting, since many Chinese get used to it and it is cleaner for public use.

However, most westerners do not like squatting!  It is very inconvenient for them if there are only places as above!

On the other hand, we don’t want to give up squatting, and many old-fashioned people (including me^^) like it!

Why not have both? It takes too much space!

Here is my solution for both, which also saves the space! An elephant two way toilet bowl!

Sorry that the elephant ear is a bit too behind   ^ ^

Hello Meal Table

Did you feel embarrassed  if some stranger came over to share a table with you for meal?

What should I do? Talk to the stranger or just avoid looking at them? Neither feels comfortable!

But it happened in many public food courts!

How about a ‘Hello Meal Table’?

There will be a small screen+a camera+ a button embedded in the table for each one.

If you press your button on the ‘Hello Meal Table’,  your face will be captured from the camera. And it will appear with a cute hat on,  in other screens,  to say ‘Hello’ to the strangers!  I believe this will break the ice between you and the strangers!

The hat might come from some shops, if they want to advertise their hats on this cute table!

Now you can enjoy your meal in a nice atmosphere ~






Faint Free Chairs

Do you feel faint in the car or plane, when it falls down suddenly?

But do you feel faint when you fall down in the air?

I feel faint in the first case, but never in the latter.

What makes the difference?

One of the reasons is that, when you falls down in the air, you can feel the wind, but the air in the car or plane is very quiet.

Here is an idea!

Put a wind generator at the bottom of the chair. If the car or plane goes down suddenly, it will blows the wind up! Then you feel exactly in the air!


Dancing Letters Sadness Vanisher

Are there sadness that you are not willing to tell?

Or, do you have really happy moments that you want to share?

Write all of them down, and we will have this ‘dancing letters sadness vanisher ‘ application!

After you write down your sad thoughts, the letters will become alive!  They will have arms, legs and faces! (Maybe the faces are from the profiles of your friends!)  You can try to sing to them, or play a music to them, and since the computer can identify your pitch and rhythm, the letters will dance according to your music!  There are some buttons, that you can click, to choose the way the letters dance, among Latin, Belly dance, ballet …

The letters will dance, run and rearrange until they gather as a new article!  During the process,  some letters might vanish, some might be born, in order to generate the new article. This new article is written from someone else, for recording happiness.


I believe that most of the sadness will be gone, when you see your sad thoughts start to dance happily, according to your song, and rearrange for a new moment of happiness!

Do you want to have the application?



A Magic Touch Finger

Do you usually watch a large public screen for a long time? 

No,  without interaction, I would rather watch a screen at home!

However, it is too expensive to make a large touch screen for the interaction with the audience!

Here is a solution!  A magic touch finger!  It can make the normal screen touchable instantly!

To make a magic touch finger is easy!  You just put a cute sensor on you finger tip,  together with  two other sensors in the screen corners, then it is possible to detect precisely the postition of your finger tip.

Now it is your opportunity to design an exciting game for many users simultaneously on a large ‘touchable’ screen!

Passenger Involved Poetic Flight

I was always tired in watching movies during the flight, and got bored with the magzines full of ads. Plus you never feel comfortable to sleep into the seats of the plane.

Most passengers just want to kill the flight time, and looking for the landing.

On the other hand, it is such a good time period for your free thinking and creative writing!

Imagine if there is a small cute magzine in the seat bag, containing the poems and small stories from the passengers! And, you could write your own to the magzine easily, and probably you will see your contribution for the next version of the magzine!  Plus, whatever you write, you will see yours on a website for displaying all the writing from the passengers!  You may also contribute some amazing photos to the magzine, and the magzine will consist of  beautiful photos and poems or stories from the passengers!

You may ask why the airline wants to spend money on it. 

First,  it does not require a  large amount of cost to print some small books for the passengers,  and if the passengers love to participate in this beautiful project,  they would have a great impression of the company too!

Are you looking forward to a poetic flight?